Phoenix Ashes Taste Like Resurrection

About 2 years ago, I read Julie and Julia.  Shortly after that I started reading War and Peace and cooking Russian food.  I blogged almost every night for a while, then less and less, then not at all.  It was quite an adventure that I shared with family and friends.  It was also expensive.  By the time I’d made it through Brazilian and Japanese, I was ready for a break.  Thanks to my friends Lysandra and Adam, I’m ready to start again.  This will become a sporadic attempt to document my reading and eating and drinking; maybe even get some material together for that “someday you should write your own cookbook” dream that was planted in my head by loyal dinner guests.

Tonight I start reading The Map of Time by Felix J Palma and I’ll be scouring Great British Cooking:  A Well Kept Secret by Jane Garmey for tasty bites.


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