The First Sampling of Store Bought Plum Puddings

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I took myself across Manhattan to the West Side shop Meyers of Keswick and bought a few of the suggested puddings from the obliging clerk.  This was the first of my samples; a mini-pudding that has a strong molasses flavor but which is moist and contains no animal byproducts. I liked it well enough, but there will be more to come which the clerk assured me were her favorites.

The brandy butter was a delicious addition.  Though, I would suggest giving it a good go with a mixer before serving it, as my brandy appeared to be weeping out of the butter the longer it stayed out of the fridge.

This type was made by Matthew Walker who has these tasty tips for your larger variety plum pudding leftovers.  I’m most curious about the plum pudding shots, personally.


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