Spam and Cheese Omelette and Man, I Hate that Tractor Man!

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“Curious children crowded close, ragged children who ate their fried dough as they watched. They watched hungrily the unwrapping of the sandwiches, and their hunger-sharpened noses smelled the pickle, cheese, and Spam. They didn’t speak to the driver. They watched his hand as it carried food to his mouth. They did not watch him chewing; their eyes followed the hand that held the sandwich. After a while the tenant who could not leave the place came out and squatted in the shade beside the tractor.”  From The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

This quote is just a little more of the same.  There are some incredible human moments in this book where people have food and they share it with anybody who happens to come by, where strangers meet and become family because one has a bit of meat and the other a sack of potatoes and together they make a meal.  But there are also moments of great selfishness and disregard for human suffering.  Those are the hardest parts to read.

It’s a little hard to post a quote like that and then go on to write about the great meal that I ate afterward.  I’m thankful that things aren’t as bad today as they were back then. I’m thankful that almost all the people I know have steady jobs and all of them eat regularly.  I’m glad I don’t have to eat my lunch in front of hungry children.  I couldn’t see it the way this man sees it.  I see it more as this other man does, when asked whether he was willing to share with his old neighbors, “‘I ain’t got no choice in the matter. ‘ He stopped on the ungracious sound of his own words. ‘That ain’t like I mean it. That ain’t. I mean’—he stumbled—’what I mean, if a fella’s got somepin to eat an’ another fella’s hungry—why, the first fella ain’t got no choice. I mean, s’pose I pick up my rabbits an’ go off somewheres an’ eat ’em. See?'” (There will be rabbit in the future of this blog.  Maybe not fried dough though, but then again, maybe…)

Spam and Cheese Omelette 

1 slice of leftover Spam, diced up small

2 slices of leftover cheese

2 leftover Scallions, snipped into rings 

2 eggs and a little milk


Heat your butter in a skillet over medium high heat.   Add the spam into the hot butter and fry until it gets nice and crispy.  Lower the heat to medium low and add the scallions.  Beat the milk into the eggs, and pour them over the meat/scallion mixture.  Layer your cheese over one half.  When the eggs are almost all the way cooked and the cheese is starting to melt, flip your omelette in half and cook another few minutes to make sure you don’t get salmonella.  Serve hot and enjoy!

I’m not really sure how you would cut corners on this, maybe use oil instead of butter. I didn’t have to spend any money on this meal.  The scallions were leftover from the pot pie and the spam and cheese were leftover from the spam’which.  The eggs I already had.  Plus, I still have half a can of Spam left.  So let’s all thumb our noses at that mean tractor man; he’s not going to win this round!


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