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Summer of Salad – Oatmeal Triangles and Pear Compote

1 serving of whole oats, cooked according to the package but with a little brown sugar and cinnamon added, then spread into a pan, chilled and cut into triangles

1 pear, peeled and cubed

About 2 tbsp of raisins

About 1/4 cup of maple sugar (maybe a little more)

Strawberries, honeydew melon, cantaloupe, and apple cubes

To make the pear compote, I just cooked the pears and raisins in the maple syrup until they were soft.  To make the oatmeal triangles, I melted the butter in a pan and cooked them over medium heat until they were golden brown.  I served the triangles with the fruit and drizzled the compote over all of it – satisfying my sweet craving with leftovers for tomorrow’s breakfast.

I adapted the oatmeal triangles and compote idea from this recipe – mine is very similar, just a little less complex.



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Summer of Salad – Turkey Dog Octopus

1 grilled turkey dog

Mixed greens

5 tomato slices for an octopus’s garden

Dijon mustard

Olive oil

White wine vinegar

A healthy portion of whimsy

I had a leftover hot dog from yesterday’s barbecue and I was inspired.  Cutting the octopus out was easy, I just used scissors to cut it in half then snipped it into quarters and snipped the quarters in half without cutting too far up to the top (maybe 2/3).  I sliced up the rest of the dog and sprinkled it around the salad.  The mustard was The Real Ale Stone Ground Mustard made by the Atlantic Brewing Company.

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