Summer of Salad – Roasted Jalapenos Stuffed with Goat Cheese


2 jalapenos, sliced in half and deveined and deseeded

Enough goat cheese to fill the jalapenos 

1 tomato, sliced 

Romaine lettuce

I stuffed and roasted my jalapenos and roasted them at 450 degrees until the cheese was slightly toasted and the edges of the peppers were a little blackened.  This will mellow out a lot of the spiciness.  Serve on a  bed of tomatoes and lettuce.

If you like your peppers crispier or spicier, you can leave in some of the membranes and/or seeds, or you can cut some time off the roasting.  You may have noticed that I rarely use dressing on my salads.  I just don’t like it.  My grandma and I had that in common and she would always say she preferred to take her salad “naked.”

On a side note, ordinarily I do not support a lot of the specialty cook’s tools that are so overpriced, but I roast so many  peppers that Williams-Sonoma totally reeled me in with their Jalapeno Corer and their Jalepeno Pepper Roaster.  The only reason I didn’t use them this time around is that I accidentally left the corer at a friend’s house after our 4th of July barbecue.

Note to myself:  Stop being lazy and using your phone to take pictures:  Those tomatoes look terrifying!



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2 responses to “Summer of Salad – Roasted Jalapenos Stuffed with Goat Cheese

  1. I love goat cheese! I am going to try this one out!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Tina from

    • Thank you! I was a little nervous because I’d only had stuffed peppers with cream cheese or some cheddar combination before, but it was delicious.

      Please let me know if you come up with any other variations!

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