Summer of Salad – Oatmeal Triangles and Pear Compote

1 serving of whole oats, cooked according to the package but with a little brown sugar and cinnamon added, then spread into a pan, chilled and cut into triangles

1 pear, peeled and cubed

About 2 tbsp of raisins

About 1/4 cup of maple sugar (maybe a little more)

Strawberries, honeydew melon, cantaloupe, and apple cubes

To make the pear compote, I just cooked the pears and raisins in the maple syrup until they were soft.  To make the oatmeal triangles, I melted the butter in a pan and cooked them over medium heat until they were golden brown.  I served the triangles with the fruit and drizzled the compote over all of it – satisfying my sweet craving with leftovers for tomorrow’s breakfast.

I adapted the oatmeal triangles and compote idea from this recipe – mine is very similar, just a little less complex.



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2 responses to “Summer of Salad – Oatmeal Triangles and Pear Compote

  1. looks yummy! i just made oatmeal pralines the other day. reminds me of this. wanted to let you know i mentioned this blog on my blog today.

  2. Oatmeal pralines sound amazing. I’m not much of a baker myself, but I sure do enjoy some good oatmeal cookies when somebody else makes them!

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