Camping Food – Having a Grill That Actually Works


There are 2 reasons why I haven’t blogged anything lately: The first is that T-Mobile is crap when it comes to roaming wireless. The second is that I haven’t been able to grill anything because my grill came out of the box broken.

My Swiss Army knife screwdriver wasn’t sufficient to fix it, and I ended up cutting myself in 3 places trying to take the darned thing apart. I didn’t succeed in getting it fixed until I got to the Jailer’s Inn in Bardstown, Kentucky and our friendly innkeeper helped me out.

Our first grilled meal was some cubed chicken breast in a peach bourbon barbecue sauce with a side of skwered onions. (I will have to update the name of the sauce later)

The chicken cubes were a little overcooked in the middle of the skewer and a little undercooked toward the edges, but I’m going to attribute that to me getting used to the new gas grill; I’ve only ever cooked on charcoal before.

Better meals have been made, but also worse ones. In the morning, I minced up the leftover chicken and mixed it with some finely diced potato, jalepno, and onion and made a hot hash which I served with scrambled eggs to rave reviews from my travel partner.

The barbecue sauce was sweet and tangy, so sweet in fact, that I had to defend my chicken from a bee that wanted to make off with little bits of it in tow.


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