Camping Food – Barbecue Pork Chops and Eggs and a Raccoon Sneak Attack


We finished off the second half of the peach bourbon barbecue sauce by slathering it on some boneless pork chops. I am getting better at grilling on gas. I really get the whole “don’t flip it until it doesn’t stick anymore” rule. I also did the whole, grill, flip and add barbecue sauce, flip again and sear the sauce onto the other side quickly. It was delicious. Because of a rain delay at dinner the night before, we cooked them for breakfast with scrambled eggs and sauteed onions.

We cooked all four of them assuming we’d make the rest into a hash the next morning, but the raccoon had other ideas. We foolishly left our cooler out last night and woke up in the pitch black to the sounds of a critter knocking it over. He ate our chops, our eggs, our gourmet goat cheese, and a bar of future s’mores chocolate; he turned his little rodenty nose up at our half onion and couldn’t get into our beer or water. The little beastie left us with no choice but to have beer for breakfast.


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