Los Angeles Mexicali – Tito’s Tacos and Avila’s El Ranchito


The taco with cheese and the enchillada… what can I say… Tito’s Tacos in Culver City came highly recommended and the place was hopping. I wish I could say the food lived up to the hype, but it didn’t. Dry beef, mushy enchillada, watery, pink salsa, bland guacamole… Sorry, Tito’s, you don’t make the cut.


Beef Picado from El Ranchito in Santa Ana is amazing.  Delicious tomato based sauce, crisp peppers and onions, chunky guacamole, beans topped with cheese and tasty rice.  Also, great spicy salsa and chips as well as good company with friends and family to join me.  First rate night out in Southern Cali.


Bonus picture: My friend’s veggie burrito – it’s *not* their really big burrito – this is just the regular size.  😉


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