September Foodie Pen Pals Package and a Rant Against NYC Fed Ex Delivery

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I don’t think I could be more thrilled with my package this month.  So many thoughtful gifts!  My partner Caitlin over at One Mom Who Changed the World really went above and beyond.

I’m going to start with my absolutely favorite item, which is a mini-basil plant kit.  I had mentioned that it’s hard to get fresh things in my part of Brooklyn and Caitlin assured me that basil should be easy to grow.  She also included a beautiful mug with a box of peppermint tea (my favorite tea!) having no idea that my favorite mug developed a crack recently so it’s a timely replacement.  She included lots of little nibbles and munchies which are perfect for my snacking moods:  garlic and oregano crostini, veggie straws, and blue corn tortilla chips.  She also tucked in a few sweet treats like a coconut macadamia Not Butter Ball, some of my favorite Haribo gummy bears, and a mix for pumpkin bread.  Lastly, she included an amazing looking black bean soup mix which will be perfect for the cold weather that’s just around the corner.  She also wrote a very kind letter explaining her choices.

The reason  why this post is so late is that I think the FedEx people on my route hate happiness and warm soup and all good things.  I am almost never home when they make deliveries, but they are usually good about leaving a package with the super.  In case he wasn’t around, I left a note letting them know they could just leave the box with my neighbor or even outside my door.  They’ve done this before (without my permission).  Instead of leaving the box, the deliveryperson left the package slip ON MY DOOR!  It was sent back to Caitlin who graciously sent to a second time.

It was totally worth the wait though!   Thanks again to Caitlin for being so kind and thoughtful and putting together such a great package!  If you aren’t involved in Foodie Pen Pals, get involved!  It’s such a great treat to highlight your month! Check it out with Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean to get started for October.


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