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October Foodie Pen Pals Package and a Few Thoughts on Hurricane Sandy

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Special thanks to Terri who sent me a wonderful fall themed package from North Georgia filled with local specialties.

The first thing I did was devour the moon pie.  I don’t think I’ve had one since I was a kid and it was super satisfying.  I thought about having one and saving the second for later, but that resolve lasted about 10 seconds and it was gone.  Delicious.  The candles were warm scented baking smells and I actually used a cinnamon candle in my jack-o-lantern that I put in the window Halloween night.  The apple crisp mix has yet to be baked, but since it’s one of my favorite desserts, it won’t last long either.  And, though she had no way of knowing this, I *love* hot cider with rum, so those mulling spices will go a long way to warming up my holidays this winter.  Terri also included a lollipop from the local college team that made me chuckle and a freshly picked apple which survived the trip to the post office.

She also included a beautiful floral card that was full of good cheer and thoughtful explanations of her choices.

As I rode out the hurricane last week, I was fortunate to be located in an oasis of NYC which experienced very minimal damage – just a few downed trees and some crossing signs in the streets immediately surrounding me.  I didn’t even lose power.  I found myself reflecting on the goodwill of folks in the world as I woke up on Tuesday to a barrage of messages and well wishes from friends all over the country.  Even my former foodie pen pal, Caitlin, checked in, and I want to thank her again for her kind email making sure that things were as good as they could be in my turned upside down world.

Being a foodie pen pal means that you have a generosity of spirit and that you take joy in sending packages that will make others happy.  It’s in times like these that folks in the world need that kind of happiness most.  Thanks to Lindsay over at the Lean Green Bean for getting this program started and thanks to all the participants who’ve kept it going.


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