Preserved Lemons in Anticipation of a Delicious Tagine

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Preserved Lemons, although not mentioned in my book, are a special Moroccan treat.  I love the way they look in the jar.  They’re super easy to make, too.

Preserved Lemons


Kosher Salt

Slice any stem or nubby bits off the end of each lemon.  Then from the opposite end, slice off about 1/4 inch.  You will cut the lemons as though you are quartering them, but not cut all the way through the end.  Sprinkle the insides of the lemon generously with kosher salt.  Pack each lemon into the jar, pressing it down to squeeze the juices out.  I worked as I went, slicing lemons until my jar was full.  Juice any remaining lemons so that the jar is filled nearly up to the brim. Top with a teaspoon or 2 or salt.  The directions all say to leave the lemons out of the fridge for “a few days,” turning it over every day or so.  Then to put the jar in the fridge for at least 3 weeks.  When you want to use them, you can rinse them thoroughly and slice them up.  The peel and the pith are meant to be the best parts.  

They will keep in the fridge for up to 6 months, though I suspect, perhaps they would keep getting better and last indefinitely as long as you replace the juice and salt every time you take a lemon out.  I think they would make lovely gifts.


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