About Reading, Cooking, and Living

When I started this blog, it  was an attempt to read books from around the world and cook foods that are mentioned in the books or foods that are inspired by them, at least.  Then I gained about 7 pounds from eating exotic fare.  Summer vacation has brought me round to the fact that I need to exercise more and exercise more restraint in my cooking.   I’m dedicating the month of July to salads.  Hence the repetition of Summer of Salad in my “recipes” (mostly, they are just me throwing things in a bowl “to taste” so they’re really not recipes at all.

Since I’m a teacher with my summers off, I will be traveling through most of August and that month will be dedicated to campfire grilling.  I’m thinking that month will be called “Anything can be Skewered!” and will involve reviews of various store bought spice mixes, barbecue sauces, and marinades, coupled with some of the foods I encounter in my travels. The Iowa State Fair will most likely produce a side show about how everything can be fried on a stick.  Since I already know they serve deep fried butter on a stick, it will also be likely to put me back on a salad diet when I’m back home in time for school.


3 responses to “About Reading, Cooking, and Living

  1. Really? Deep-fried-butter?!! Ha Ha!

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