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Camping Food – Barbecue Pork Chops and Eggs and a Raccoon Sneak Attack


We finished off the second half of the peach bourbon barbecue sauce by slathering it on some boneless pork chops. I am getting better at grilling on gas. I really get the whole “don’t flip it until it doesn’t stick anymore” rule. I also did the whole, grill, flip and add barbecue sauce, flip again and sear the sauce onto the other side quickly. It was delicious. Because of a rain delay at dinner the night before, we cooked them for breakfast with scrambled eggs and sauteed onions.

We cooked all four of them assuming we’d make the rest into a hash the next morning, but the raccoon had other ideas. We foolishly left our cooler out last night and woke up in the pitch black to the sounds of a critter knocking it over. He ate our chops, our eggs, our gourmet goat cheese, and a bar of future s’mores chocolate; he turned his little rodenty nose up at our half onion and couldn’t get into our beer or water. The little beastie left us with no choice but to have beer for breakfast.


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Camping Food – Having a Grill That Actually Works


There are 2 reasons why I haven’t blogged anything lately: The first is that T-Mobile is crap when it comes to roaming wireless. The second is that I haven’t been able to grill anything because my grill came out of the box broken.

My Swiss Army knife screwdriver wasn’t sufficient to fix it, and I ended up cutting myself in 3 places trying to take the darned thing apart. I didn’t succeed in getting it fixed until I got to the Jailer’s Inn in Bardstown, Kentucky and our friendly innkeeper helped me out.

Our first grilled meal was some cubed chicken breast in a peach bourbon barbecue sauce with a side of skwered onions. (I will have to update the name of the sauce later)

The chicken cubes were a little overcooked in the middle of the skewer and a little undercooked toward the edges, but I’m going to attribute that to me getting used to the new gas grill; I’ve only ever cooked on charcoal before.

Better meals have been made, but also worse ones. In the morning, I minced up the leftover chicken and mixed it with some finely diced potato, jalepno, and onion and made a hot hash which I served with scrambled eggs to rave reviews from my travel partner.

The barbecue sauce was sweet and tangy, so sweet in fact, that I had to defend my chicken from a bee that wanted to make off with little bits of it in tow.

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