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Summer of Salad – Oatmeal Triangles and Pear Compote

1 serving of whole oats, cooked according to the package but with a little brown sugar and cinnamon added, then spread into a pan, chilled and cut into triangles

1 pear, peeled and cubed

About 2 tbsp of raisins

About 1/4 cup of maple sugar (maybe a little more)

Strawberries, honeydew melon, cantaloupe, and apple cubes

To make the pear compote, I just cooked the pears and raisins in the maple syrup until they were soft.  To make the oatmeal triangles, I melted the butter in a pan and cooked them over medium heat until they were golden brown.  I served the triangles with the fruit and drizzled the compote over all of it – satisfying my sweet craving with leftovers for tomorrow’s breakfast.

I adapted the oatmeal triangles and compote idea from this recipe – mine is very similar, just a little less complex.



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Summer of Salad – Poached Pear (Dessert Salad)


Forelle Pear
About 1 cup red wine
A few pieces of star anise
Half a cinnamon stick
About 2 table spoons of honey
Romaine letuce
Roaring 40s blue cheese

Poach the pears in the wine, honey, and spices by simmering them over medium heat and turning them until they are soft and turn a lovely dark red. Allow the pears to cool and then slice. Serve over lettuce and garnish with cheese.

I wanted to sprinkle some candied walnuts on top of this, but I discovered too late that I was out of walnuts.

My friend doesn’t care for blue cheese, so I made hers with goat cheese.

This salad makes a lovely dessert.

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