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March Foodie Pen Pals

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This month’s package caused quite the stir; initially because it went missing for a while.  I was vacationing in France (food photos and restaurant reviews to follow) when the package arrived but the mail carrier, true to form, didn’t leave me a delivery slip.  It turns out, the super of my building had accepted it and was trying to reach me but every time he stopped by, I wasn’t home.  Finally, yesterday, we connected and I was able to open my delightful package and put my partner Julie’s mind at ease about its whereabouts.

The second stir was created by the many wonderful things inside the package:   Black salt, homemade salsa, dried red and green chilis, red lentils, plantain chips, seasoned seaweed, a variety of nice teas, some popcorn and a packet of cocoa.  Best of all, there is a grow your own Thyme kit which I can add to the basil I received a few months ago.  

Thanks to Julie for putting together such a great package.  I can’t wait to use the lentils to make a tasty meal and the plantain chips will make a nice break snack at work.  All the other treats are equally exciting.

If you aren’t signed up for Foodie Pen Pals, you should be!  It’s such a nice thing to look forward to every month and shopping for your partner is just as much fun.  Check out the program with Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean for more details.


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February Foodie Pen Pals

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An interesting story about my February pen pal Elizabeth:  She lives just a few neighborhoods away from me.  How funny it must have seemed to her when I asked her for local specialties… That didn’t stop her from going all out and finding me something that was just perfect.  She read through a bit of my blog and sent me a wonderful complimentary project, a film called “Chicken with Plums” written by Marjane Sartrapi (of Persepolis fame – a book I highly recommend!).  She also sent me popcorn to eat while I watched it, having no idea that I find it almost impossible to watch a movie without popcorn!  She also included some lovely teas and delicious coffee, a few snacks (soy nuts and crackers, and a fruit bar) and a cashew butter packet that saved me from going lunchless the other day at work.  

I haven’t had a chance to watch the film yet; I’m sort of saving it for a rainy day, but I hope there’s some food in there that I can cook up and blog about.

Many thanks, again, neighbor!

If you aren’t involved in Foodie Pen Pals, but you like food and you like to receive mail that is infinitely better than bills and credit card applications, I don’t know what you’re waiting for.  Just pop over to Lindsay’s blog, The Lean Green Bean, and sign up to both receive and give joy and good food once a month.

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