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Special Thanks to the Iowa Craft Beer Tent for Making Amends


A few weeks ago, I blogged about my experience at the Iowa Craft Beer Tent and although my friend and I were pleased with the beers, the customer service was lacking.  I am so happy to say that Steve Linn more than made up for that experience.  He happened to read my blog and asked me to contact him by email.  After I’d explained the situation in detail, he generously offered to send a T shirt and a beer “koozie” to both my friend and myself.  The shirt arrived in the mail today and it’s just great; a perfect fit and a warm reminder that people genuinely care about their jobs, their customers, and the way their company is perceived.

Thanks again to Mr. Linn and the folks at the Iowa Craft Beer Tent  for reaffirming my faith in people (and in the goodness of beer)!


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